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  • Where can I download the LunchClub App?
    You can download the app on the App Store or Play store by searching LunchClub Alternatively you can click the direct links to the app here App Store (IOS) orPlaystore (Android)
  • How do I register an account for a primary school student?
    Download the Lunchclub App from the App Store (IOS) orPlaystore (Android) Once you have downlaoded the App click on "Parent/Gaurdian Login" Enter your email and password and click "Register" You will then be brought to the homescreen where you can add your childs details
  • How do I add a new user?
    If you have more than one child in the school it is easy to add them to your account but you will need a Unique ID number for each child you add.
  • Why do I have to put in my child's allergen information?
    It is really important to put in your childs allergen information as it will automativally block you from selecting any products containing the allergen/s you have selected
  • Do my orders roll over?
    We operate of a 2-4 week cycling menu so you will need to order lunches for your child on the days you wish them to have a lunch. We love to add new options to the menu based on feedback from parents, students and schools. It keeps the menu fresh and interesting for students. For example you can expect to see Turkey dinners for Christmas etc.
  • How do I get in touch if I need assistance?
    We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can get in touch by emailing us at
  • How do I order a lunch for my child?
    Once you have added a user you will see their name on your screen. Simply Click on the date/s you wish to order for select the service time and choose your options. Remebr to place an order for any day you wish your child to get a lunch as orders do not automatically roll over. Any dates you have placed an order for will highlight in green
  • Do I need to allow push notfiications
    We use push notifications to send you reminders and updates. We will send a push notification on a Friday to remind you to make your orders for the next week or when we are adding something new to the menu so we always reccomend that you activate them
  • I didn't activate push notifications when i set up my account.  Can I activate them now?
    You can turn on and off push notification at any time by clicking on the "settings" button in your childs account.
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